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An expert in business; an authority; a connoisseur 

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I'm going to tell it to you straight:

Doing what every other blogger is doing?

It's a surefire way to be tired/broke/burned out . . . and 3 years from now, you'll still be trying to explain to your parents what a blogger is.
(While nobody takes your "cute hobby" seriously.)

Biz Mavens, Blogger to Entrepeneur

That's why if you want to ditch the blogging Rat Race, you have to step up—from blogger to entrepreneur.

Sound hard? Not really.

It's as simple as
Make it, Sell it, Profit.

(Sure, there are a few steps involved, but that's where *I* come in.)

Running an online biz doesn't have to run your life.

Kelly Holmes

Hi, I'm Kelly.

I believe that you can make a good living from your blog or online biz . . . and still have a life. That's why I teach smart bloggers like you to Biz Smarter.

See . . . I believe “status quo” is a curse word - especially when it means you’ve stopped living your life because you’re buried under a business that’s running YOU.

(Frankly? Whoever said you have to publish 3x/week should be boiled in his own latté.)

I believe you don’t have to choose between work and family — you can have BOTH and do them WELL.

And you know what? This is a mom of 4 kids ages 11 to 1 talking.

I should know.

But you have to stop "blogging"
and start running a business.

Kelly and her family

. . . and Biz Mavens know—

The key to being successful in the long run is to make other people successful and to let them pay you for it.

Sound exciting? Enter your email address below, and every week I'll send ideas, inspiration, and practical action steps to help you take connections with your readers and turn them into profitable products + services that SELL.

Here's what bloggers-turned-entrepreneurs are saying about Biz Mavens . . .

The Blog Smarter program got me EXCITED about blogging again! It wasn't easy to find the time, but I was always excited to do so and made them a priority. I went back and forth in my mind for YEARS before this course trying to decide what my "niche" should be. Now I feel confident (and relieved!) to move forward with a focused brand. 

Kristine R. - Kristine's Kitchen

Five weeks after graduating from the Blog Smarter program, I had earned more than my husband, who is a very well compensated executive at a big company. Yup, I made more than him–without paying for 1 hour of daycare (I have 4 kids, all under 5). This is the only course I will recommend for my blogging friends, and after taking it, I doubt I will ever take another course from anyone else.

Nancy Bandzuch Do Small Things With Love

Internet leads for my business have increased by nearly 50X—Yes, that's a 5,000% increase in subscriber rate. Before the Blog Smarter program I might get 1 subscriber per MONTH. Now, I average about 2 PER DAY. In my tiny niche, I view this as a home run!

Jess Renzi - Wanderlust PTs

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Stop blogging.
Start running a business.

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